Adult Training

ALL registered adults must complete the Youth Protection Training (online) with application and every two years June 1, 2010 YPT Letter

Troop Committee Members should complete the Troop Committee Challenge online training within the first year.

SM & ASMs should complete one of the Scoutmaster Fundamentals courses (e.g., Blackfoot, Green Bar, or OKAMA).

* All positions are encouraged to complete other training courses (e.g., Wood Badge, University of Scouting, supplemental training courses online) that they are interested in as their schedule permits.

Online Training Center - Quick link to where you need to start. See the YPT letter link above for instructions.

Recent Changes to Training - Lays out the recent history for required training.

New Leader Training - Describes all levels of BSA adult training

Adult Training - Information on specific training courses

2014 BSA Medical Forms

ALL registered participants attending troop overnight, BSA Council, or high adventure base camps must submit medical forms annually.

Long Term & Short Term Camping - This form is required by all participants, covers monthly (short term) troop camping and Council Summer Camp.

Sections A, B, and C of the following forms are identical to the one above. Additional information regarding risks specific to the high adventure base is provided for review by parents and care-providers.

See Base - Includes additional information for SeaBase.

Philmont - Includes additional information for Philmont

Northern Tier- Includes additional information for Northern Tier

Bechtel Summit - Includes additional information for the Summit


BSA Medical Forms - Source link for medical forms on Scouting.org

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May - Thunder Base

Date: See Calendar Link Above

Description: Simon Kenton Council invades Ross County Fair Grounds


BSA Logo

May - Planets & Paddles

Date: See Calendar Link Above

Description: Perkins Observatory, Base Camp, Canoeing


June - BSA High Adventure Summer Camp

BSA High Adventure Base - Northern Tier

Date: See Calendar Link Above

See Northern Tier page from the main navigation menu above

July - BSA Council Summer Camp

Date: See Calendar Link Above

Description: BSA Camp - Out of Council

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